Zhijin Wu PhD

PHP 2510: Principles of Biostatistics & Data Analysis


Zhijin (Jean) Wu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biostatistics
Room 704, 121 South Main Street
Phone: 401-863-1230
Email: zhijin_wu at brown dot edu
Office Hour: W 9-10AM;Thursday 1-2PM Room 704

Teaching Assistant:

Office Hour: M 11-12; F 9-10.Room 261 (121 S. Main St).

Time & Location:

Lectures: Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00 am - 10:20 am
121 South Main St Room 241
Lab: Friday 8-9am 
Self-evalutaion Test   (turn in by Tuesday 9/18)

Midterm I Oct 16.
Midterm II Nov 13.
Third Exam: Dec 18 2pm (exam group 08).

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Course description

This course is intended to provide a basic foundation in the methods and applications of biostatistics, and is geared toward those whose research or fields of study includes a substantial statistical or quantitative component. Ideally, this course is the first in a two part sequence (the sequel being PHP 2511 Regression Modeling), designed to provide students in the public health, biological and life sciences with broad-based exposure to modern methods of biostatistical inference, in addition to an understanding of underlying mathematical principles and motivations.


No prior coursework in statistics or probability is needed, but working knowledge of college level calculus (derivatives, integrals, exponential and log functions, summations, etc.) is required.

Method of evaluation

There will be 7-10 homeworks (30%) and three exams (exam I 20%; exam II 20%; and exam III 30%). The lowest grade of homeworks will be dropped. Students should work independently on homework, but discussion on general aspect of the course content is encouraged.

Third Exam: Dec 18 2pm (exam group 08).
2009 Midterm 1  solution
2009 Midterm 2  solution
2009 Midterm 3

Text books

1. Armitage P, Berry G, Matthews JNS (2002). Statistical Methods in Medical Research, 4th Edition. Blackwell. Library copy
2. Acock AC (2006). A Gentle Introduction to Stata. Stata Press.
3. Rice JA (2006). Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis, 3rd Edition. Duxbury.Note: any edition of this book will be sufficient for the course.


Emphasis will be placed on computing with Stata, a statistical software package. Stata is available for those with a Brown account via http://software.brown.edu. Students can also use other software packages but only STATA will be taught in the lab.

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