Cheng, Wei

Biostatistics Student

PhD Program Student
Brown University
Box G-S121-7
121 S. Main Street
Providence, RI 02912

Entry Year 2008-2009

Cheng, Wei


B.S. Applied Mathematics, Beijing Normal University 


Professor Constantine Gatsonis

Current Projects:

SEP 2008 - DEC 2010; JUL 2011 - Present:  Graduate Research Assistant, American College of Radiology Imaging Network (ACRIN); Advisor: Professor Constantine Gatsonis

Network meta-analyses modeling for diagnostic accuracy studies

Causal inference in randomized design for assessment of test performance 

Research Interests:

Statistical methods for the evaluation of diagnostic imaging/biomarkers; Network meta-analyses methodology; Predictiveness/Evaluation of risk; Topics on the designs of test-based treatment strategy; Topics of causal inference applied to biomarkers; Bayesian; Medical decision making

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