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Snyder, Brad


B.S. Animal Ecology, Iowa State University, 1997 M.S. Statistics, Iowa State University, 2000

Current Projects:

Biostatistics and Data Management Center, American College of Radiology Imaging Network

Recent Publications:

Ertl-Wagner BB, Bruening R, Blume J, Hoffman RT, Mueller-Schunk S, Snyder B, Reiser MF. Relative value of sliding-thin-slab multiplanar reformations and sliding-thin-slab maximum intensity projections as reformatting techniques in multisection CT angiography of the cervicocranial vessels. AJNR Am J Neuroradiol, vol 27(1), January 2006, p107-113.
Hricak H, Gatsonis C, Chi D, Amendola M, Brandt K, Schwartz L, Koelliker S, Siegelman E, Brown J, McGhee R, Iyer R, Vitellas K, Snyder B, Long H, Fiorica J, Mitchell D. Role of imaging in pretreatment evaluation of early invasive cervical cancer: results of the intergroup study ACRIN 6651/GOG 183. J Clin Oncol, vol 23(38), December 2005, p9329-9337.
Amendola M, Hricak H, Mitchell M, Snyder B, Chi D, Long H, Fiorica J, Gatsonis C. Utilization of diagnostic studies in the pretreatment evaluation of invasive cervical cancer in the United States: results of intergroup protocol ACRIN 6651/GOG 183. J Clin Oncol, vol 23(30), October 2005, p7454-7459.
Ertl-Wagner BB, Bruening R, Blume J, Hoffman RT, Snyder B, Hermann KA, Reiser MF. Prospective, multireader evaluation of image quality and vascular delineation of multislice CT angiography of the brain. Eur Radiol, vol 15(5), May 2005, p1051-1059.
Viscidi RP, Snyder B, Cu-Uvin S, Hogan JW, Clayman B, Klein RS, Sobel J, Shah KV. Human papillomavirus capsid antibody response to natural infection and risk of subsequent HPV infection in HIV-positive and HIV-negative women. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev, vol 14(1), January 2005, p283-288.
Ertl-Wagner BB, Hoffmann RT, Bruening R, Herrmann K, Snyder B, Blume JD, Reiser MF. Multi-detector row CT angiography of the brain at various kilovoltage settings. Radiology, vol 231(2), May 2004, p528-535.
Mahajan AP, Hogan JW, Snyder B, Kumarasamy N, Mehta K, Solomon S, Carpenter CC, Mayer KH, Flanigan TP. Changes in total lymphocyte count as a surrogate for changes in CD4 count following initiation of HAART: implications for monitoring in resource-limited settings. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr, vol 36(1), April 2004, p567-575.
Jones CY, Hogan JW, Snyder B, Klein RS, Rompalo A, Schuman P, Carpenter CC. Overweight and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) progression in women: associations HIV disease progression and changes in body mass index in women in the HIV epidemiology research study cohort. Clin Infect Dis, vol 37(suppl 2), 2003, pS69-80.

Recent Abstracts:

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