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04/09/2018 To Be Announced

03/19/2018 To Be Announced

03/05/2018 TBD

02/12/2018 To be announced

01/29/2018 TO be announced

11/27/2017 “How Could Machines Learn as Efficiently as Animals and Humans?”

11/13/2017 Two Big Data Research Projects: High-Dimensional Differential Equation and Network Modeling for GEO Genomics and EHR Phenomics Data

11/06/2017 “Surrogate Residuals for Generalized Linear Models”

10/30/2017 "High-dimensional correlated data analysis on the Hadoop platform, with application to an infant memory study via EEG brain imaging"

10/16/2017 “Statistical Models to Assess Association between the Built Environment and Health”

09/18/2017 “Mendelian Randomization Using Multiple Genetic Markers”

04/24/2017 New Interpretable Machine Learning Methods for Causal Inference

04/17/2017 “Estimating the Health Effects of Air Pollution Mixtures”

04/10/2017 Title “Assessing Moderated Effects of Mobile Health Interventions on Behavior”

04/03/2017 Superadaptive Optimization (and Inference)

02/27/2017 "Statistical Methods for Some Problems in Neuroscience"

12/05/2016 “Causal Inference Methods for Evaluating Policies to Reduce Air Pollution from Power Plants”

11/07/2016 “Statistical Models for Single Cell RNA Sequencing”

10/31/2016 “Applying the Rasch Model to Validate and Interpret a Kidney Symptom Index for Patients with Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma”

10/17/2016 “Augmented Trial Designs for Evaluation of Principal Surrogates”

09/26/2016 “New Insights and Biomarkers from Statistical Analysis of MRI in MS”

04/25/2016 “An Approach to Adjust for Confounding in the Presence of Multivariate Exposures”

04/18/2016 "New ICA methods for more effective decomposition of neuroimaging data"

04/15/2016 "Topology and the Big Data Problem"

04/11/2016 “A Robust Machine-Learning Approach for Variable Importance in Health Spending”

04/04/2016 “Inference in Randomized Trials with Death and Missingness”

03/21/2016 “Assessing Effects of Influencing Factors on the Reproducibility of High-throughput Experiments”

03/21/2016 “Assessing Effects of Influencing Factors on the Reproducibility of High-throughput Experiments”


02/08/2016 “An Approach to Adjust for Confounding in the Presence of Multivariate Exposures”

01/25/2016 "New Statistical Models for Estimating Health Effects of Particulate Matter Sources using National Databases"

11/23/2015 “Causal and statistical inference with social network data: Massive challenges and meager progress”

11/02/2015 “Analyzing Tobacco Use and Family History Documentation in the Electronic Health Record”

10/19/2015 “Automating evidence synthesis via machine learning and natural language processing”

10/05/2015 “Learning about hidden networks by tracing links: statistical approaches for network-based social epidemiology and public health”

05/04/2015 “Testing One Hypothesis Twice in Observational Studies”

04/20/2015 Cancelled

04/13/2015 “Standards for Clinical Studies: Is Quality in the Eye of the Beholder?”

04/06/2015 “Causal Estimation of Peer Effects in Longitudinal Dyadic Data Using Instrumental Variables”

03/30/2015 CANCELLED

03/09/2015 “A Framework for Prioritizing Research Investments in Personalized Medicine”

03/02/2015 "Data Assimilation of Environmental Pollution Fields for Health Studies"

02/23/2015 "Recent Progress in Multivariate Meta-analysis"

02/02/2015 to be announced

01/26/2015 to be announced

12/08/2014 “Propensity Score Methods in the Context of Covariate Measurement Error”

12/01/2014 To Be Announced

11/24/2014 To Be Announced

11/17/2014 “Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) for Drug Benefit-Risk Assessment”

11/10/2014 “Inferences about Neural Networks from Bayesian Control of False Discoveries: The Case of Synchrony Detection”

11/03/2014 “Using Decision Modeling to Help Inform The World Health Organization: 2013 HIV Guidelines”

11/03/2014 “Using Decision Modeling to Help Inform The World Health Organization: 2013 HIV Guidelines”

10/20/2014 “Functional Causal Mediation Analysis with an Application to Brain Connectivity”

10/06/2014 “Redesign of Care for Patients at High Risk of Hospitalization in a Reforming U.S. Healthcare System: Rationale for a CMMI Innovation Challenge Project” To Be Announced

10/01/2014 “Causality and Statistical Learning”

09/29/2014 “Health Care Analytics”

09/22/2014 "Meta-Analysis by Confidence Distribution - A Unified Approach and Beyond"

05/02/2014 “The Estimation of Spatially Varying Coefficients via a Spatial GLMM with Application to Multiple Sclerosis MRI Data” TBA

04/28/2014 “Convex Banding of High Dimensional Covariance Matrices"

04/21/2014 “On Consistency of Community Detection in Networks”

04/14/2014 “Statistical Genetics and Genomics in the Big Data Era: Opportunities and Challenges in Research and Training”

04/07/2014 "Teaching Statistics for the Future,the MOOC Revolution and Beyond"

03/31/2014 "Flexible Covariate adjustment for Cluster-Randomized Trials"

03/03/2014 "Modeling Cross-Oscillatory Interactions with Applications to Multivariate Brain Signals"

02/24/2014 A Flexible Bayesian Approach to Monotone Missing Data in Longitudinal Studies with Informative Missingness To be announced

02/03/2014 To be rescheduled

01/27/2014 "Multivariate Spatial-temporal Model for Birth Defects and Ambient Air Pollution Risk Assessment"

01/13/2014 “Is there a Needle in the Haystack? Marginal Screening and Non-standard Asymptotics”

12/10/2013 "Statistical Methods for Quantifying the Health Effects of Multi-pollutant Mixtures"

12/02/2013 “Bayesian Learning from Big Data”

11/18/2013 Network Inference from High Dimensional Data

11/04/2013 “Spatial and Adaptive Models for Neuroimaging Data”

10/28/2013 “Strategies for Using Imperfect Instrumental Variables for Causal Inference”

10/21/2013 “A Novel Statistical Method for Quantitative Comparison of Multiple ChIP-seq Datasets”

10/07/2013 "Weighted Logrank Statistics for Marked Endpoints with Application to the Analysis of Lifetime Medical Cost"

09/30/2013 "Source-sink Reconstruction Through Regularized Multi-component Regression"

09/16/2013 “Connecting Markov Random Fields with Geostatistical Models”

05/13/2013 “Statistical Methods and Computing for Semiparametric Accelerated Failure Time Model with Induced Smoothing”

05/02/2013 "A Bayesian Missing Data Framework for Multiple Outcome Mixed Treatment Comparisons"

04/29/2013 "Big Data: The Big Picture for this Generation and Training the Next"

04/15/2013 “Bayesian Reconstruction of Past Populations for Developing and Developed Countries”

04/08/2013 "Multiple Adaptations of Multiple Imputation"

04/01/2013 "Statistics for Smarter Planet at IBM Research"

03/18/2013 "Incorporating External Information to Assess Robustness of Comparative Effectiveness Estimates to Unobserved Confounding"

03/04/2013 "Evaluating the Effect of Training on Wages in the Presence of Noncompliance, Nonemployment and Missing Outcome Data"

02/25/2013 "IPCW Models for Longitudinal Outcomes with Informative Censoring"

01/28/2013 "Latent Variable Models and Systematic Variation in Genomic Data"

01/14/2013 "How Payment Affects Health Care”

12/03/2012 "Topics in High-Performance Computing with R"

11/26/2012 "Observational Studies in Health Care: Are They Any Good?"

11/16/2012 "Measures of Heterogeneity, Diversity and Inequality"

11/05/2012 "Big Data from High Resolution Clinical Brain Imaging: Automatic Segmentatin of Lesions in a Large Longitudinal Cohort of Multiple Sclerosis Subjects"

10/15/2012 "Modeling Grade Progression in an Active Surveillance Study"

10/01/2012 “Generating Multiple Imputation from Multiple Models to Reflect Missing Data Mechanism Uncertainty: Application to a Longitudinal Clinical Trial”

09/24/2012 “Integration of Data and Knowledge in Genome-Wide Association Studies Using Causal Mediation Modeling.”

05/07/2012 TBA

04/30/2012 "Gene-Environment Interaction, Automated Bias-Variance Trade-off, & Nano-Project PhD Qualifying Exam"

04/23/2012 "Learning and Information in Bayesian Joint Models for Longitudinal and Survival Data"

04/16/2012 "Statistical Considerations in Assessing the Comparative Effectiveness and Safety of Medical Devices"

04/09/2012 "Case Definition and Design Sensitivity in Case Control Studies"

03/26/2012 "Optimizing Randomized Trial Designs to Distinguish which Subpopulations Benefit from Treatment"

03/12/2012 "Functional Mixed Effects Spectral Analysis"

12/05/2011 "Statistical Analysis of Longitudinal Medical Cost Data"

11/14/2011 "Genomic Data Integration and Aspects of Multiple Testing"

10/31/2011 "Network Meta-Analysis for Comparative Effectiveness"

10/24/2011 "The Hidden Role of the Propensity Score in Matched Estimation of Causal Effects"

10/17/2011 "Prospective Evaluation of Risk Models with Cohort Studies"

10/03/2011 "Estimating Causal Effects of Air Quality Regulations Using Principal Stratification for Spatially-Correlated Multivariate Intermediate Outcomes"

09/26/2011 "A Flexible Bayesian Model for Studying Gene-Environment Interaction"

09/19/2011 A Semiparametric Regression Model for Paired Longitudinal Outcomes

05/02/2011 "Hypothesis Testing and Variable Selection for Studying Rare Variants in Sequencing Association Studies"

04/18/2011 "Sequence Comparison Without Alignment"

04/11/2011 "Statistical Issues in Somatic Mutation Studied of Cancer"

03/14/2011 "A Bayesian Semi-Parametric Approach to Intermediate Variables in Causal Inference"

03/07/2011 "Adaptive Naive Bayes Kernel Machine Approach to Classification with GWAS Data"

02/25/2011 "Constrained Nonparametric Estimation of Stochastically Ordered Survivor Functions"

02/21/2011 Biostatistics Faculty Candidate

"An Outcome-Free Procedure for Interval Estimation of Causal Effect"

02/16/2011 Biostatistics Faculty Candidate Seminar

"Estimation of Treatment Policies via Penalized Least Squares"

02/14/2011 Biostatistics Faculty Candidate Seminar

"Estimating the Effect of Intensity of Care on Rates of Death for Premature Infants"

02/07/2011 "Marginal Additive Hazards Model for Case-Cohort Studies with Multiple Disease Outcomes"

12/13/2010 "The Importance of Reproducible Research in High-Throughput Biology: Case Studeis in Forensic Bioinformatics"

11/22/2010 "Bayesian Partition Models for Detecting Interactions"

10/25/2010 "Building Risk Prediction Models from Genome Wide Association Data"

10/18/2010 "Covariate-Specific and Covariate-Adjusted Predictive Values of Prognostic Biomarkers with Survival Outcome"

10/04/2010 "Efficient Estimation of Semi-Parametric Transformation Models for Two-Phase Study"

09/27/2010 "A Single Statistical Model for Your Complex-Valued FMRI Data"

05/24/2010 The Appropriate Use of Blinded Independent Central Review in Phase III Oncology Trials

The "C.V. Starr Lectureship" Series

05/10/2010 "A Propensity Score Approach for the Analysis of Population-Based Genetic Association Studies"

05/03/2010 "An Overview on Assessing Agreement with Continuous Measurements"

04/19/2010 "Modeling Immune Responses to Infectious Diseases from HIV to Influenza:
Statistical Methods for Dynamic Models"

04/16/2010 An Applied Mathematics Seminar

"Multi-Resolution Inference of Stochastic Models from Partially Observed Data"

04/12/2010 "Endpoints, Outcomes, Cure Rates and Optimizing Future Trials in Colon Cancer: The ACCENT Collaboration"
Brown University's "The C.V. Starr Lectureship" Series

04/05/2010 "Kendall's Tau and Genetics Studies of Comorbidity"
Brown University "The C.V. Starr Lectureship" Series

02/01/2010 "Analyzing High Temporal Resolution fMRI Data"

12/07/2009 "Evolutionary Factor Analysis"

11/16/2009 "Statistical Methods for Comparing Dynamic Treatment Regimes with Time-to-Event Endpoints"

11/09/2009 "Marginal Structural Models for Sufficient Cause Interactions"

11/02/2009 "Application of Heteroskedastic Spatial Models to Computer Experiments"

10/26/2009 "Multiscale Adaptive Regression Models for Neuroimaging Data

10/19/2009 Causal Inference for Quality of Life Data in the Presence of Progression and Death

10/06/2009 Likelihood-Based Confidence Sets and Empirical Identifiability in the Mixture Model

09/28/2009 Estimating Individual-Level Risk in Spatial Epidemiology Using Spatially Aggregated Information on the Population At Risk

09/14/2009 Classification of Families of Locally Stationary Time Series

05/04/2009 “Validation of Medical Image Analysis in the Absence of a Ground Truth”

04/27/2009 --Analysis of Space-time Data in the Biological and Physical Sciences--

04/20/2009 “Statistical Analysis of a Spatio-temporal Model with Location Dependent Parameters and a Test for Spatial Stationarity”

04/06/2009 “Criticality in Final Outcome of SIS Epidemic Models”

03/02/2009 “Statistical learning for networks”

02/23/2009 “Designs for Estimating Relative Accuracy of Screening Tests when Complete Disease Verification is Not Feasible: Application to Cervical Cancer Screening”

02/10/2009 “Evaluation of Biomarkers as Principal Surrogate Endpoints”

02/09/2009 --Analysis of Space-Time Data in the Biological and Physical Sciences--

02/02/2009 “ROC Analysis for Multiple Biomarkers”

01/30/2009 “Proxy Pattern-Mixture Analysis for Survey Nonresponse”

01/26/2009 “A Class of Semiparametric Mixture Cure Survival Models with Dependant Censoring”

12/08/2008 “Reliability Analysis in Clustering Microarrays”

11/24/2008 Center for Statistical Sciences 2008-2009 Lectureship Series

--Analysis of Space-Time Data in the Biological and Physical Sciences--

11/10/2008 How Well Do We Know What Single Neurons Do?

11/03/2008 “Analysis of Neural Spike Train Data: Miscellaneous Methods and Commentary”

10/20/2008 Model-based Clustering of DNA Methylation Array Data: a Recursive-partitioning Algorithm for High-dimensional Data Arising as a Mixture of Beta Distributions

10/06/2008 Spectral Analysis of Non-Stationary Signals and Its Applications to Classification: An Overview of Current Research Projects

09/22/2008 Efficient Emulators of Computer Experiments Using Compactly Supported Correlation Functions

09/15/2008 Network Filtering

05/14/2008 From Diagnostic Test Accuracy to Observer Agreement: Application to Ordinal Data and Beyond

05/12/2008 Meta-analysis of Diagnostic Test Accuracy Data

05/09/2008 Challenges in the inference of copy number variation (CNV) genotypes and trait associations

05/07/2008 Addressing Reliability Issues in Clustering Analysis of Microarray Gene Expression Data

05/05/2008 Social Network Analysis, Methods and Applications

05/02/2008 SIMEX in Semiparametric Measurement Error Models

04/28/2008 Controlled Direct Effects

04/23/2008 Borrowing Information across Populations in Evaluating Risk Prediction Markers

04/21/2008 Social Network Analysis, Methods and Applications

04/14/2008 Social Network Analysis, Methods and Applications

03/03/2008 Network Dynamics

02/04/2008 The Role of Health and Health Behaviors in the Formation and Dissolution of Friendship Ties

01/28/2008 The Spread of Health Phenomena within Complex Social Networks

11/26/2007 Statistical Methods to Infer Transcriptional Regulatory Networks Using Genomics Data

11/26/2007 Statistical Methods to Infer Transcriptional Regulatory Networks Using Genomics Data

11/13/2007 Geometric Ergodicity for a Class of Switching RegimsAutoregressice Driven Processes with Exogenous Components

11/12/2007 Bounding Potential Outcome Distributions and Causal Effects Using Instruments: A Density Approach

11/05/2007 Covariate Adjusted Regression and Correlation Analysis

10/01/2007 A Mixed Effects VAR Model for Event-Related Designs in fMRI

09/24/2007 Semiparametric Logistic Regression for Genetic Pathway Data: Kernel Machines and Generalized Linear Mixed Models

09/10/2007 Tau and GSK-3B Polymorphisms: A journey in neurodegeneration

05/07/2007 Much Ado about Nothing: Methods and Implementations to Estimate Incomplete Data Regression Models

04/23/2007 Borrowing Information across Populations in Evaluating Risk Prediction Markers

04/02/2007 Gene expression/function similarity inferences

03/22/2007 High Throughput Screening for Small Molecule Drug Discovery: The Process, Data analysis and Quality Control

03/19/2007 Genomic alteration analysis of tumor samples using SNP microarrays

02/19/2007 Bayesian Wavelet-Based Mixed Models for Functional Data

02/12/2007 Using Genome Tiling Microarrays to Model Global Transcription Regulation

01/29/2007 Variable Selection in High Dimensional Regression Models with Applications to Gene Regulatory Networks

01/22/2007 Capturing local spatial behavior and speciation through hybrid Dirichlet Process semi-parametric modeling

01/19/2007 The nested Dirichlet process

01/17/2007 Latent Socio-Spatial Process Model for Social Networks

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