Joseph W Hogan ScD
Missing Data in Longitudinal Studies:
  Strategies for Bayesian Modeling and Sensitivity Analysis
Michael Daniels, University of Florida
Joseph Hogan, Brown University

This page contains programs and data associated with
our book.  At present the page is actively being built, with new
material being added during Summer 2009.  We expect to have all
available materials posted by September 2009.  Please check
back periodically.

A short course based on this book will be offered at
the Joint Statistical Meetings in Washington DC on
August 1, 2009.  See for more information.

Description:  Section 1.3
Analyses:  Sections 4.2, 10.1-10.2
Dataset (2.4 KB)
EG and EP treatments only
R Code for analysis under MAR (7.9 KB)
Fits MVN model under MAR (Sec 4.2.4, Model 1 and Table 10.1, Column 3)
R Code for Analysis under MNAR (14.1 KB)
Fits PMM models described in Analyses 1 & 2, Section 10.2.8, pp. 241-245