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The Brown University Center for Statistical Sciences (CSS) was founded in 1995 to foster research and statistical education at Brown Medical School and the University at large. Center activity and personnel have grown over the years to the present configuration of over twenty faculty members, staff biostatisticians, graduate student assistants, and administrative and computing support personnel. The Center is located at 121 S. Main Street and has state-of-the-art computing facilities and networking infrastructure.


CSS faculty andstaff conduct methodologic research in a number of areas of biostatistics, including statistical methods for the assessment of diagnostic technology, design and analysis of clinical trials, statistical methods for health services and outcomes research, longitudinal data analysis, methodology for the analysis of observational studies, meta-analysis, and statistical methods for psychiatry and the behavioral sciences. The Center also serves as the biostatistics core for both national and local biomedical research projects. Owing to its expertise in the evaluation of diagnostic technology, CSS hosts the Biostatistics Center of the American College of Radiology Imaging Network, a NCI (National Cancer Institute)-funded collaborative group conducting multi-center studies of imaging modalities for cancer screening, diagnosis, and image-guided therapy. In addition to ACRIN, current federally funded collaborative research projects at CSS include the biostatistics cores of International Breast MRI Consortium, the Brown/Lifespan/Tufts Center for AIDS Research,the Brown/Lifespan Transdisciplinary Tobacco Use Research Center, and projects in health services and outcomes research.


A graduate curriculum in biostatistics is offered by Center faculty as a track of the graduate program of the Department of Community Health. The program was launched in September 1999 and leads to MS and PhD degrees in Biostatistics. Center faculty also launched the Brown undergraduate concentration in Statistics, in collaboration with departments across the campus. The Center organizes the Brown Statistics Seminar, which is held on Monday afternoons and features talks on current developments in statistical methodology and is open to the entire Brown community. In addition, Center faculty are holding regular "brown-bag" seminars in which topics of current research are discussed. Presenters in these informal seminars include Brown graduate students and faculty as well as other campus- and hospital-based researchers.

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